Sturgeon in Spain

Since ancient times, the sturgeons were common in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. From the time of ancient civilization sturgeon were considered expensive and prestigious product, and sturgeon caviar - symbol of wealth and success.

Sturgeon - some of the oldest inhabitants of our planet, they appeared 200 million years ago, before the dinosaurs and survived virtually unchanged to this day. In ancient Rome, the meat of sturgeon was made only with gold dishes in China for permission to include them in your diet was given only to members of the imperial family, and in medieval Europe, the sturgeon was considered food for the higher nobility and clergy. Ebro and Guadalkvivir.

Black sturgeon caviar referred to in Chapter LIVknigi "Don Quixote" by Miguel Cervantes (chapter should be in Arabic numerals): "... Another put them one black dish, if called caviar prepared from fish eggs ..." Since the end of the XIX century, Seville company Ybarra producing sturgeon caviar and delivered it to the royal houses of Europe and the Russian Empire. At the beginning of the XX century Spain is considered one of the world leaders in the production of sturgeon meat and caviar.

Production of sturgeon in Spain was halted in 1960, when, due to ill-conceived dams, discharge of pesticides into rivers and uncontrolled fishing, the natural habitat of the sturgeon has been virtually destroyed.
In 1974 in Spain the last three specimens of sturgeon were caught, which are currently stored at the Biological Station of Doñana National Park.


  1.  Our fish are grown at optimal natural conditions.
  2. In the process of cultivation used and the most innovative environmental technologies.
  3. The convenient location allows us to quickly deliver our products in Madrid,Barcelona and Valencia.
  4. Our fish farmers have many years of experience with sturgeon in different countries and climates.
  5. We use only the best and most environmentally friendly food.


Our company is growing sturgeon in the clean and warm running water, in their natural environment of the fish.

Our production is 100% environmentally friendly - we do not heat water, and do not use hormones, antibiotics and fats. The water that we use in the production, comes from an underground source, which is located 70 meters above the river and immediately gets to us, which, coupled with a flow rate of 350 m³ / s ensures its purity. The water temperature is constant throughout the year and we do not need to heat it in the winter or cool in summer.

After passing through our territory biofilters water is treated and returned to the river of the same net, which comes to the farm.

Our pools are located outdoors, with the exception of waters, which are grown fry.

Planting density of fish in our pools is optimal and corresponds to the best industry standards.

Thanks to all of the above, we obtain a high-quality and environmentally committed sturgeon meat.